85% of Metrovacesa's Thader Shopping Centre marketed (ES)

The THADER Shopping Park project is set to become the most complete Shopping and Leisure Centre in the Region. The THADER Shopping Park has 190,000 m² of commercial space, of which 80,000 m² correspond to the Shopping Centre and 28,000 m² to the first IKEA to open in the region of Murcia.

Besides IKEA and the Shopping Centre, the Shopping Park will house operators such as Porcelanosa with 18,000 m², Homovil with 4,500 m², Master Cadena with 2,500 m², the López y Valiente Real Estate Group and other medium-sized retail outlets.

The Shopping Centre which METROVACESA is promoting with ALCAMPO and DECATHLON, has a leasable area of 67,000 m² where 140 premises for services, shops and leisure facilities will be installed. By type of activity, 23% of the space will be for the food sector, 36% will go to fashion and accessories, 24% will house leisure and catering operators, household goods will occupy around 12%, while the remaining 5% will go to services.

85% of the leasable square metres have already been marketed to the best local, national and international firms. The remaining 15% is in the process of negotiations, some of which are at an advanced stage.

Approximately 30% of the operators are Murcian firms, 60% are regional or national chains, some of which will be local operators that will use the franchise system, and lastly 10% will be international firms.

The Shopping Centre will house ALCAMPO (15,300 m²) in the food sector and DECATHLON (4,000 m²) in the sports sector. Both of these are co-owners of the Shopping Centre in conjunction with METROVACESA.

In addition, the Murcian operator NEOCINE will give the Centre a total of 14 cinemas (6,000 m²), with over 3,100 seats - the largest cinema offer in Murcia.

In household goods, the international operator MEDIAMARKET will be operating 5,000 m² under its SATURN flag.

Amongst the operators selling personal goods are the Inditex Group with its renowned labels such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear and Kiddy's Class, the firms belonging to El Corte Inglés Group, Sfera, Sfera Kids, Tintoretto and Amitié, C&A, Kiabi and other brands of recognized prestige such as Benetton, Mango and Jack&Jones.

In the field of household goods, besides the Mediamarket Group mentioned earlier, are Miró Electrodomésticos, Hojas de Cristal and Butaka.

In the catering sector, leading national operators such as McDonald's, Burger King, Foster's Hollywood, Cañas y Tapas and Cervecería Gambrinus will be taking part in the project.

The Atlanthal Group will be present in leisure and is to create an innovative recreation space (2,600 m²) with a spa and a gymnasium. The bowling alley operator, New Park, will also be there with 24 lanes.

Local chains and operators will have great importance at the THADER Shopping Centre.

State of the project
The Development work on the THADER Shopping Park is going well and all the steps executed so far are meeting the deadlines foreseen.

Thus, the development and the work on the Special Access Plan which affect the complex could be completed in December this year.

In respect of the Shopping Centre, after completing the deviation of the course of Enagas' gas pipeline, the work is moving head as scheduled. At the moment, work is being done on the structure, which will be completed in November 2005, and the entire work is expected to be completed by the second quarter of next year.

Top-level companies were selected to execute the project, starting with the main contractor Dragados/ACS and followed by each of the successful bidders for the more than 20 blocks of work, since the Murcia project is one of the biggest that METROVACESA currently has in progress.

In METROVACESA's case the investment will be in excess of €130 million, not counting the investments to be made by all the operators, tenants, tradespeople, and other owners in the project. The total figure will be around €500 million. Some 4,500 direct jobs will be generated when the whole development is completed and, logically enough, the ma

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