2003 excellent year for AMVEST

In the second year of its existence as an independent and specialised real estate company in the area of housing, AMVEST has once again had an excellent year. AMVEST made a total return of 11.1 % according to the ROZ/IPD-index. It was made up of 4.4 % rentproceeds and 6.7 % through increase of value (realised and non-realised).

AMVEST achieved a total return on investments (after taxes) of € 112 mln. The direct result amounted to € 13 mln. and the indirect result € 99 mln. The portfolio has been stronlgy renewed. In total € 174 mln. was invested in new rental housing and sold for € 176 mln. Compared to the ROZ/IPD-index for standing investmenst residential AMVEST scored 9.7 % against 8.3 % of the index. Calucated to a 3 year average, the AMVEST total return according to the ROZ/IPD-index will be 14.1 % to a 13.0 % by the index.

At the end of 2002 AMVEST had a housingportfolio (real estate in operation and development) with an investmentvalue of € 1.663 mln. and another € 1.008 mln in projects to be developed.

Source: AMVEST

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