Versatel removed from Amsterdam Midkap index as from 5 June 2002

Euronext hereby announces that as from Wednesday 5 June 2002 Versatel will be removed from the Amsterdam Midkap index as a consequence of the listing measure imposed on 5 March 2002, provided that the listing measure is still in force at the close of the markets on 4 June 2002.

Euronext previously stated that, in accordance with the index ground rules, Versatel would continue to be included in the Amsterdam Midkap index for up to three months following the imposition of the listing measure.

After the close of the markets on Tuesday 4 June 2002, an operational reweighting of the Amsterdam Midkap index will take place, whereby the value of the index will be proportionally distributed among the other 24 constituents based on their percentage weighting, after which the new weightings will be rounded off. The new weightings will apply with effect from Wednesday 5 June 2002.

(source: Euronext)

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