Tristar: Three Towers. Three Partners. In 2003

A bucket of concrete was poured on January 31, 2002, during the official ceremony that marked beginning construction of Tristar office complex. Located in the heart of the Amsterdam Airport Area in Schiphol East, the ceremony was officiated by the three partners in the project: C. Smilde, Location Director for Schiphol Real Estate; H. Heijmans, Director of Heijmans IBC Bouw; and R. Elbersen, Director of Dura Bouw Haarlemmermeer BV. Schiphol Real Estate, BV (a subsidiary of Schiphol Group) is the developer of Tristar and it was designed by Quist Wintermans Architecten.

The complex consists of three separate towers, each five stories high with an underground parking garage. Each tower will have 3,556 square meters of space for lease with units (intended for multi-tenant use) ranging from 530 square meters.

Work actually began in October of last year and completion will be phased from early 2003 to August. Strategically situated along Highway A-9, Tristar offers incredible views of the Amsterdamse Bos woodlands.

Center of Activity
Schiphol East is emerging as the real center of activity. In addition to Tristar and Caravelle, a new four-star hotel named ?Dorint? will soon take shape. Prior to the Tristar and Caravelle projects, Schiphol Real Estate also developed the Constellation and Convair buildings as well as new offices for the Immigration Department, all of which are located in Schiphol East.

Schiphol Real Estate specializes in development, management, operation of and investment in commercial real estate at airports within the Netherlands and abroad.

(source: Amsterdam Airport Area)

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