Successful year for Sligro, net profit EUR 25.3 million

Sligro Beheer N.V. saw turnover rise by 49.9% in 2001 to ? 1,171.9 million, with net profit up by 36.6% at ? 25.3 million.

Organic growth in turnover in 2001 was 7.7%, appreciably higher than the 4.0% growth rate recorded in 2000. This achievement was the result of an even greater market focus, a good summer, the expansion programme and record sales at the end of the year. Turnover achieved by Prisma, which was taken over at the beginning of 2001, was also better than expected.

The gross margin increased by 37.8% to ? 184.0 million. The inclusion of Prisma in the consolidation has altered the make-up of this result, in that Prisma achieves a lower percentage gross margin but has lower costs. This accounts for the reduction in the gross margin by 1.4 percentage points to 15.7% of turnover. On an organic basis, there was an improvement in the percentage gross margin.

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(source: Sligro)

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