Second tranche of Robeco Private Equity

As a follow-up to the fund’s successful introduction in mid-2001, there will be a once-only opportunity to subscribe to ROBECO PRIVATE EQUITY from 27 May to 14 June 2002.

This fund of funds invests in funds that in turn invest in unlisted companies. Robeco is the first asset manager in the Netherlands to offer private investors access to investing in private equity. The addition of well-diversified investments in unlisted companies can improve a portfolio’s risk/return profile.

Private equity
Usually when one speaks of shares, one is referring to shares of well-known, listed companies. However, for a considerable time, institutional investors have been investing successfully in shares of unlisted companies, known as private equity. They invest in private equity for its attractive returns and low correlation with returns on traditional asset classes such as bonds and listed equities. This is why private equity can improve a portfolio’s expected return without increasing the total risk.

Until 2001 it was virtually impossible for ordinary private investors to invest in private equity funds. These investments are illiquid, due to the lack of a stock exchange listing, while a large financial commitment is required. Investing in this opaque market requires in-depth knowledge, and with this fund, Robeco has eliminated these barriers facing private investors .

The fund
The fund diversifies its investments over regions, sectors and private equity types (venture capital, development capital and buyouts). As a result of the fund-of-funds structure, participants invest directly in no less than 500 different unlisted companies.

The fund’s expected life to maturity is 12 years. It is a closed-end fund with a listing on the stock exchange of Euronext Amsterdam N.V. Robeco will also apply for a listing of the newly issued participating units. After the maturity date the net asset value will be distributed to the fund’s participants. Robeco Private Equity is particularly suitable for investors with a long investment horizon.

The subscription period runs from Monday 27 May through Friday 14 June 2002. Participants can subscribe through Robeco Direct, Rabobank or intermediaries. The final deposit date is Friday 21 June 2002. The issue price, based on the net asset value plus a surcharge of 2%, will be published on 17 June 2002.

(source: Robeco)

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