Schiphol Group adds Privium Basic to Service Programme

From today, June 3, 2002, passengers wishing to reduce their waiting times as much as possible at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, can also opt for Privium Basic.

Privium Basic comprises the core features of the airportÂ's Privium service programme: quick and secure border passage employing iris recognition. Privium Basic is designed to appeal mainly to passengers who are not able, or do not wish to use further Privium facilities such as priority parking and dedicated check-in facilities made available by the participating airlines.

Quick and Secure Border Passage using Privium
Automatic border passage employing iris recognition provides considerable time savings at the start and end of a journey. All Privium border passages also have a dedicated personal and hand baggage security checkpoint. During automatic border passage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the passengerÂ's iris geometry is compared with that of the passengerÂ's iris photograph encoded on the chip of a personal smart card.

All passengers holding the nationality of one of the European Economic Area countries (EU countries plus Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) can become Privium members and use the Privium border passage facilities. Schiphol Group developed the automatic border passage system in close co-operation with the Dutch Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) and the Immigration and Naturalisation Department in the Netherlands (IND). Privium border passage is currently operating as a Dutch Ministry of Justice pilot programme until October 1, 2002, employing the first large-scale application of biometric identification in the Netherlands.

Privium: A Select Way to Travel
Schiphol GroupÂ's Privium service programme has been designed to limit the waiting times of passengers, thereby contributing to a quicker and more comfortable visit to the airport. Privium will appeal largely to frequent travellers who wish to use the time they spend at the airport as efficiently as possible. Schiphol GroupÂ's service programme now offers two options:

Privium Basic: entitling members to quick and secure border passage employing iris recognition.

Privium Plus: entitling members, in addition to the above, priority parking in a specially reserved section of the P2 car park adjacent to the terminal as well as the P3 long term car park.

Privium Plus members flying with Austrian Airlines, Air France, Alitalia, bmi british midland, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System or United Airlines are furthermore entitled to priority check-in facilities at the dedicated Privium check-in desk regardless of the Privium memberÂ's class of travel. The check-in desk will often be the airlineÂ's business class check-in desk.

From October 1, 2002 annual Privium Plus membership will cost 119 euros. An introductory fee of 99 euros will apply until that date.

A reduced annual membership fee of 79 euros also applies to Privium Basic until October 1, 2002. The annual fee will be 99 euros after that date.

Passengers wishing to become members of Schiphol GroupÂ's Privium Plus or Privium Basic service programme can apply by visiting An application form can also be obtained by calling the 0900 Schiphol telephone number (0900 7244 74 65), or +31 (0)20 601 4222, when calling from outside the Netherlands.

(source: Schiphol Groep)

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