Recovery manufacturing output stagnates

Manufacturing output was 3.9 percent lower in January 2002 than in January 2001. In the eight months before, too, output was down on twelve months previously, although the seasonally adjusted month-on-month figures for November and December seemed to point to a recovery. However, this improvement did not continue into January.

The metal industry, in particular, is suffering, according to provisional figures from Statistics Netherlands. Production fall largest in metal industry For the ninth month in a row, manufacturing output was lower than in the corresponding month of the previous year. The metal industry had a bad time in January: production levels were ten percent below those of January last year. This sector accounts for about one third of total manufacturing production.

In the months September–December production was down in all sectors of manufacturing. One sector did increase its output in January: the
petrochemical and rubber industry produced one percent more than in
January 2001.

>i>(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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