Real Estate the 'Investment of the Moment'

Dolf de Roos advises avoiding key pitfalls to safeguard and maximize returns

Seems everyone is jumping on the real estate investment bandwagon. A handful have preached its merits for years while few listened. Now worldwide real estate investor Dolf de Roos, Ph.D. is trying to guide those new to real estate to know the numbers and the operations before they invest to get the best profit.

'Finding the right property is one thing, but having the knowledge to manage it wisely ensures that you minimize headaches and maximize profits,' says Dr. de Roos, author of BusinessWeekÂ's bestselling book Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your BankerÂ's Money, which takes a detailed look at the many steps need for successful real estate investment.

The volatility of the stock market as an investment vehicle has made real estate investing even more attractive in recent years. As in any aspect of life, the more organized you are, the more you can accomplish. Dr. de RoosÂ' Real Estate Acquisition Program (R.E.A.P.) is a software application designed to help the average investor analyze and manage multiple real estate investments.

'Unlike an anything else you will own,' said de Roos, 'a property can actually feed you, so you want to do it right. By learning to manage your properties initially you will gain confidence and the knowledge to hire the right property manager to develop a successful working partnership.'

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(source: Dolf de Roos)

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