Provincial investments in new Eemhaven

The Province of Utrecht, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will invest more than EUR 1.4 mln in the development of the old Eemhaven to transform it into a recreational and touristic attraction.

It is the intention of the Municipality of Amersfoort to reassaign a new, leisure function to Eemhaven. The port area will provide 40 berths for day visitors, 10-20 berths for barges belonging to the local people, as well as spcae for bicycle-boats, water taxi and several ships that will serve as a museum. Moreover an old corn warehouse will be redeveloped into catering facilities.

The municipality expects that Amersfoort will becomer more attractive to tourists and will increase hotel bookings by between 2,000 and 3,000, not counting the increase in day trippers.

Financial support by the province
In order to realize the project, the province of Utrecht will participate with EUR 194,000. In total the whole redevelopment project will require an investment of EUR 8 million. It is expected that the project will start this year and will be completed by 2005.

(source: Province of Utrecht)

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