Producer confidence increasing again

Dutch producer confidence, the mood indicator among Dutch industrial entrepreneurs went up 0.2% in January 2002 reaching ?1.8. In December confidence had already started to increase. The most recent survey conducted by Statistics Netherlands showed that the order position remained the same in December.

For the first time since August 2001 the entrepreneurs are expecting an increase in production for the next few months. The order position of Dutch industry in January was the same as in December last year. The order position index in January remained at 93.5 (June 2000=100). Although the entrepreneurs are still negative about the order position, they are a bit more positive than in December.

The industrial entrepreneurs were virtually unchanged in their opinions about the stock of finished products. About 5% feel the stocks are too large, the same percentage as in December, but lower than the 9% in November. The new orders received in January 2002 equalled the number received in December 2001. The entrepreneurs remained dissatisfied about this aspect. However, they expect an increase in production in the next few months. Earlier this months Statistics Netherlands showed that industrial production in November and December increased slightly.

More demand for semi-manufactured goods
The international demand for semi-manufactured goods increased substantially in January 2002. The sentiment among producers in this aspect of new orders received inproved in this sector during January. For the period February-April the entrepreneurs expect production to increase. Both domestic and international demand for investment goods decreased in January.

The new orders received in the sector consumption goods hardly changed in January. The mood therefore did not change much either, and the order position also remained virtually unchanged.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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