Postponement pushes up expected investment 2002

According to figures from Statistics Netherlands, manufacturing companies expect to invest 21 percent more this year than in 2001. The expected increase is mainly a consequence of the postponement of investment spending planned for 2001. This postponement caused a 6 percent decrease in investment in 2001 compared with 2000.

Investment delayed in all sectors
Investment was postponed in nearly all sectors of manufacturing. Last autumn many companies were already indicating that investment spending would be put off until 2001. The results of recent surveys have confirmed this. The process of postponement is particularly visible in the chemical industry. A fall of 22 percent in 2001 was followed by a rise of 76 percent. This is the consequence of the completion of a number of large investment projects which had been scheduled for 2001.

Metal sector still sombre
In metal and electrical engineering investment spending was lower in 2001 than in 2000. However, unlike other sectors, in 2002 companies in this sector again expect investment to decrease.

Companies cautious about 2003
Nearly all companies are cautious in their expectations for 2001. They expect investment to fall back to its 2001 level. Only companies in the mineral extraction sector expect to invest substantially in 2003.

(sopurce: Statistics Netherlands)

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