Pensioenfonds Grafische Bedrijven to increase its share in real estate investments

Pensioenfonds Grafische Bedrijven (PGB) will increase its share in real estate investments considerably. By the end of 2000 its portfolio had a value of approximately EUR 300 mln. The objective is to reach at least EUR 750 mln.

Ernst Jan Nilting, the new investment manager of Pensioenfonds Grafische Bedrijven, stated this recently. Mr. Nilting joined PGB especially to increase the real estate portfolio of PGB, presently about 5%, substantially.

The real estate portfolio of PGB is mainly direct real estate. Nilting: Â'We prefer to diversify our investments. We are still contemplating indirect investments.Â' The first phase is to expand the portfolio to EUR 750 mln. After that further expansion will be reviewed.

(source: Vastgoedmarkt)

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