Olympian Homes to deliver €57.7m student housing scheme in York (GB)

GMI to deliver €57.7m student housing scheme in York (GB)

Olympian Homes has secured a contract with GMI Construction for a 57.7m student accommodation scheme on the site of a former cinema and Bingo Hall in York.

Located in the Fulford area to the south-east of the city centre, the 7,4322 site will feature a four-storey building consisting of 275 beds and facilities such as a gym, games room, as well as co-working and group dining areas.


In recognition of the location’s history, the scheme will feature a cinema and be named Rialto House, recognising the famous cinema that once stood on the site.


Construction is due to begin in October 2023, following the completion of archaeological works.


The purpose-built student accommodation development is being delivered by Olympian Homes, as part of its wider portfolio of hotel, build to rent, co-living schemes, in partnership with funder Cain International.

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