NMa: report on Heijmans due to refusal to co-operate

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has drawn up three reports following Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw´s refusal to cooperate, following NMa´s request to interview certain employees. Other construction companies have also refused to cooperate with NMa in certain parts of this investigation. NMa will also draw up reports on these refusals to cooperate.

NMa requested the cooperation of Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw, which is part of the Heijmans group, in relation to the investigation of practices that possibly restrained competition in relation to the tender for the construction of the North-South underground railway in Amsterdam. Heijmans has been given the opportunity to respond to the reports. After this, the Director-General of NMa will take a final decision on whether to impose a sanction.

NMa is investigating infringements of the Competition Act in the construction industry following indications in the ´parallel administration´ of Mr A. Bos and various other sources. The municipality of Amsterdam submitted a complaint in relation to the tendering for the North-South underground railway.

(source: Netherlands Competition Authority)

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