Municipality of Rotterdam acquires 40 hectares' former industrial land

The Municipality of Rotterdam wants to buy the grounds of the former Rotterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij from its present owner the Baris Groep. Including all buildings the price amounts to EUR 84,6 million.

The grounds are 40 hectares, of which approximately 11 hectares of water, and are one of the last large grounds along the river that is owned privately. The city considers the acquisition as a strategic long-term investment. Together with adjacent Heysehaven and Quarantine Grounds it may developed into a large city redevelopment river embankment location of 80 hectares.

Presently a study is underway to see if a development company may undertake the further development of Waalhaven. The former RDM grounds could form part of this development company.

The Municipal Port Authority of Rotterdam would be the intended buyer.

(source: Municipality of Rotterdam)

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