Mr. R.A. van Gerrevink to be new CEO of VastNed Group

It is the intention of the supervisory board to appoint Mr R. (Reinier) A. van Gerrevink (aged 52), subject to approval by De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., as statutory director of VastNed Management B.V. as per 1st of July. He will succeed Mr K. Streefkerk (aged 59) as CEO, who will leave the company as announced last year.

Mr Van Gerrevink has ample experience in both property and finance: in 1993 he joined Rodamco Europe as CFO. From 1995 to 1999 he was Directeur Général Rodamco France and Président Directeur Général of Kléber Conseil & Gestion, management company of Rodamco France. In 1999 he joined Robeco, where he was charged with inter alia Legal Affairs. Since 2001 he has fulfilled the positions of CFO and COO with Robeco subsidiary Weiss Peck & Greer in New York.
Mr Van Gerrevink holds a degree in Dutch law from the University of Utrecht.

VastNed Management B.V. provides directory board and management for VastNed Retail N.V. and VastNed Offices/Industrial N.V. These property investment companies are listed on the Next Prime segment of Euronext Amsterdam.

VastNed Retail N.V. invests in individual retail properties, shopping centres and large-scale retail trade properties located in good and top locations in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France and Italy. The invested capital at the end of 2001 amounted to Euro 1,557 million.

VastNed Offices/Industrial N.V., with an invested capital at the end of 2001 of Euro 1,271 million, is specialised in investments in offices, logistics centres and industrial premises in good and top locations in The Netherlands, Belgium and northern France.

(source: VastNed)

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