Manufacturing turnover hardly changed

The turnover of the Dutch manufacturing industry was 1 percent higher in April 2002 than in April 2001. This is the first time since last August that turnover is higher than twelve months previously, according to Statistics Netherlands.

April did have one working day more this year than last year, but on the other hand selling prices were lower. Domestic turnover fell by 1 percent in April 2002 while foreign turnover rose by 3 percent compared with April last year. Last week Statistics Netherlands reported that manufacturers expect production to increase in the period May to July.

Effects of extra working day and lower selling prices
Two factors had an important effect on turnover in April 2002. April this year had one working day more than the same month in 2001. Statistics Netherlands estimates the positive effect of this at 5 percent. On the other hand lower prices for manufactured product had a negative effect. In April 2002 manufactured products were on average 2.2 percent cheaper than in April last year.

Differing developments between sectors
The food industry realised the largest increase in turnover in April 2002. The petrochemical and the textile, clothing and leather industries also had higher turnovers. Some sectors had a lower turnover than in April last year: the largest decrease was in the metal, electrical engineering and transport equipment sector. Wood and construction materials and paper and publishing also had a lower turnover in April 2002 than twelve months previously.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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