Leading technical consultancy firms form international alliance

Deerns Consulting Engineers BV from The Netherlands, and Roberts & Partners plc have closed a binding and exclusive partner agreement. Through this partnership, the joint experience and knowledge as well as the joint consultancy, design and project management resources of both firms will be available to parties involved in the development or redevelopment of office, commercial, health care, airport, retail, leisure, research and industrial real estate.

The Deerns Roberts joint venture will closely co-operate in the area of building services consultancy, especially for retail and leisure development projects initiated by international clients in The Netherlands, and for airport development and health care projects in the United Kingdom.

Deerns is the leading provider of technical architecture and design services in The Netherlands, that also has a strong international presence in the technical design of airports worldwide.

Roberts & Partners is a leading British consultancy with a strong international presence, serving the full range of private sector projects.

Both firms are private corporations equal in size, quality service level, and success in their respective markets.

The joint venture employs over 600 staff working from a range of offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the Middle East and has associations with a number of other partners in and beyond Europe. With these highly focused resources, Deerns Roberts is qualified to serve clients throughout Europe with in a dependable and cost-efficient manner. Combined turnover is estimated at EUR 50 million.

(source: Deerns Consulting Engineers BV, Roberts & Partners plc)

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