Laurus to streamline organisation in the Netherlands

Supermarket group Laurus N.V. today announced it would reduce its staffing by 178. It will affect office support staff and some positions at the regional distribution centre in Heerenveen. This next step is necessary for the execution of the recovery plan announced earlier. The trade unions and Central Works Council were informed today.

As a result of natural wastage since October 2001 and not filling the arising vacancies as well as not renewing temporary employment contracts, a remaining 72 positions will be lost. Those concerned will be informed in person. A redundancy plan will be discussed with the trade unions.

The CEO, Jan Konings, had announced as part of the recovery plan in October 2001 that the company?s financial situation meant staff levels in various departments and business units would have to be critically reviewed and staff numbers reduced as necessary.

Laurus will publish its annual results for 2001 on 20 March 2002.

(source: Laurus)

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