Joop Janssen steps down as chairman of Heijmans N.V.'s managing board.

Heijmans N.V. (construction, property development and related activities) announces that Mr J.P.M. (Joop) Janssen will step down as chairman of Heijmans N.V.Â's managing board as of 1 September 2002. Mr H.A.J. (Berry) Bemelmans will succeed him in that capacity.

The intention was for Mr Joop Janssen to leave at the end of 2002 as a result of reaching pensionable age. Now, however, it seems that he must again undergo necessary medical treatment that will be rather lengthy, prompting the mutual decision to move up his date of departure.

Earlier, the decision was made to recruit for this position from outside the company. This search continues.

The supervisory board was pleased to find that Mr Berry Bemelmans was prepared to take up the chairmanship in the interim time. Mr Berry Bemelmans is 58 years old and, after a career with Alcoa Nederland B.V. and Koninklijke IBC B.V., he joined Heijmans N.V.Â's managing board when the latter acquired Koninklijke IBC B.V.

Mr Joop Janssen has been part of HeijmansÂ' managing board since 1988, and became chairman at the end of 1994. During this time, Heijmans has developed from a family company with strong regional ties to a listed corporation with a top position on the Dutch and Belgian markets.

As of 1 September 2002, therefore, Heijmans N.V.Â's managing board will comprise H.A.J. Bemelmans, chairman, J.A.J.M. van den Hoven and drs. D.A.M. van der Kroft.

Source: Heijmans NV

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