Intrinsic value DIM Vastgoed $ 14,27 as per 30 June

The intrinsic value per share of investment fund DIM Vastgoed N.V. amounted to $ 14,27 as per 30 June 2002. Per 31 May the intrinsic value stood at $ 14,14. Closing price on the stock exchange was $ 12,12 on July 9, 2002.

The policy of DIM Vastgoed is aimed at an annual payable dividend of 8%. This is based on the intrinsic value per share at the beginning of each financial year.

It is expected that during financial year 2002 a dividend of $ 1,09 per share will be paid. Based on the closing price of $12,12 on 9 July, the dividend is 9.42% (after allowing for previously paid out dividend).

Figures over the first six months will be annouced on July 31, 2002.

(source: DIM Vastgoed)

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