Integration of Dexia Bank/Artesia in Belgium finalized

On 3rd July, the management and all trade unions signed four new collective labour agreements relating to geographic mobility, resettlement, labour guarantees and social plan.

These agreements globally come within the scope of the framework agreement signed on 26 March 2002. The first step in this process was the signature of the collective labour agreement relating to the network of employees on 23 May 2002.

The signature of the four agreements finalizes the process and the agreements between labour and management. This is a major step towards the integration of Dexia Bank and Artesia as it establishes the social framework of the new company.

These agreements result from a constructive dialogue between the management and all trade unions with a view to realizing the economic project on a fair and human basis. In this open and constructive climate, it was possible to conclude the various agreements in a few months.

(source: Dexia S.A.)

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