ING sells Amsterdamse Poort office to MPC Capital (NL)

ING Group announced on Friday it has sold the head office of ING Bank Nederland, the Amsterdamse Poort, to Hamburg-based MPC Capital AG via Hanzevast Beleggingen BV. MPC Capital plans to sell the property on to individual investors in Germany through a closed-end investment fund.

ING Bank will continue to occupy the building as a tenant under a lease-back agreement, and the property will continue to serve as the headquarters of ING Bank Nederland.

The Amsterdamse Poort, located in Amsterdam Southeast, was constructed between 1983 and 1987. It was designed by Dutch architect Ton Alberts from Alberts & ; Van Huut and consists of ten towers of varying heights linked by pedestrian bridges and a central walkway. About 2,200 ING employees work in the building, which has about 50,000 square meters of office space and about 800 parking spaces.

Source: ING Group

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