Industrial producer prices stable in euro-zone and EU15

The euro-zone1 and EU15 industrial producer price index2 remained unchanged in July 2002 compared with the previous month, Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Communities in Luxembourg - estimates today. In June 20023 prices decreased by 0.1% in the euro-zone and by 0.2% in the EU15.

In July 2002 compared to July 2001 industrial producer prices fell by 0.6% in both zones.

Monthly changes

In July 2002 compared to the previous month, the evolution of the different sectors was very similar in the euro-zone and the EU15. In both zones, the indices for capital goods remained unchanged while intermediate goods and non-durable consumer goods rose by 0.1%. Durable consumer goods decreased by -0.1% in the euro-zone and were stable in the EU15 . The energy index decreased by 0.4% in the euro-zone and by 0.5% in the EU15.

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(source: Eurostat)

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