Heijmans wins the Henri Sijthof Prize for its 2001 annual report

Heijmans N.V. (construction and related activities) received the Henri Sijthoff Prize for the best financial reporting in the year 2001. It is the second time since it was listed in 1993 that Heijmans has won the prize. Heijmans previously won the Sijthoff Prize for its 1996 annual report.

The Sijthoff Prize panel unanimously selected Heijmans as the winner of the Â'Â'other fundsÂ'Â' category Â'Â'because the quality of the annual report was clearly the best,Â'Â' as stated by panellist E.A.J. van de Merwe. Â'Â'In addition, the problems concerning the investigation into construction fraud were discussed in detail in the annual report, which we found to be very good. Heijmans thus did not cast these types of sensitive topics aside.Â'Â'

According to the panel, HeijmansÂ'Â' annual report gives Â'Â'insight into the different divisions of the company in an outstanding manner and makes pleasant reading, partly due to the excellent summarising overviews. Insight was given into the strategy and clear information was furnished about financial goals in an outstanding manner. Much useful information was also provided about the

Heijmans share, the market and competitors, and there was even a page devoted to an acquisition that did not go through. In respect of lay-out, the annual report is very nice and the addition of a CD-ROM with more information about the company is revolutionary.Â'Â'

Dick van de Kroft, a member of the Board of Management, accepted the prize on HeijmansÂ'Â' behalf. 'Since the report for 1996 we have again greatly improved how we compile our report,Â'Â' said Dick van de Kroft. Â'Â'The principles of valuation are more attuned to international accounting standards (IAS) and, at HeijmansÂ'Â' initiative, the comparison of reporting of listed construction companies was made possible. In addition, we autonomously implemented improvements in report compilation, such as increasing the accuracy of future expectations, the accountability by market area and a better explanation of the financial statement itself. This openness and articulation are the products of a wish we recognised years ago, to provide more insight into and clarity regarding the companyÂ'Â's strategic goalsÂ'Â', Van de Kroft stated.

(source: Heijmans)

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