Haslemere holds approximately 96% of shares in capital of Haslemere BV

Haslemere holds approximately 96% of the shares in the capital of Haslemere B.V. The remaining shareholding - approximately 4% - is held by Stichting TPG KPN Pensioen Real Estate Fonds (Â'TREFÂ').

Today, Haslemere received a writ of summons issued by TREF. On the basis of the contents of the writ it can be concluded that TREF seeks to transfer its shareholding in the Subsidiary to Haslemere and that it requests the court to determine that such transfer be completed.

Haslemere is reviewing the merits of the claims by TREF, but at first sight Haslemere is of the opinion that there is no legal or factual basis for the claims.

Haslemere has notified Brack Capital of the facts stated above. Haslemere expects that the claims will not affect the public offer for Haslemere by Brack Capital in any way.

(source: Haslemere)

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