Four consortia want to invest in off-shore windmill park near Egmond aan Zee

Four project plans have been received by the Projectbureau CO2-reduction plan to construct and manage the so-called Near Shore Windpark (NSW). The park, eight kilometers offshore near Egmond aan Zee, will be able to supply 100 Mw. In the Netherlands it will be the very fist offshore wind park.

Project plans have been presented by: E.ON Benelux Services BV, NoordzeeWind (a consortium of Shell Wind Energy BV and NV Nuon Duurzame Energie), North Sea Wind Power (a consortium of Siemens Nederland, Heijmans and Van Oord ACZ) and a consortium of Electrabel Nederland NV, Vestas Nederland Windtechnologie BV, Jan de Nul NV and Fabricom Electrical BV.

By mid-April a decision which consortium will construct the park will be made and construction is expected to start by mid-2003. The Projectbureau CO2-reductieplan is cooperation between Novem and Senter.

(source: Senter)

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