Fortis's solvency remains strong

In line with its July 23 and August 28 reports, Fortis is committed to clarifying at the end of the third quarter its strong solvency and the value of its equity portfolio (9% of its total investment portfolio). FortisÂ'Â's solvency remains strong despite the prevailing negative sentiment in the equity markets.

On 30 September 2002 its core capital, excluding profit over the third quarter, totalled EUR 16.5 billion, or EUR 6.2 billion in excess of the legally required minimum of EUR 10.3 billion2).

In the third quarter of 2002 the value of FortisÂ'Â's equity portfolio dropped below its original purchase price for the first time in the companyÂ'Â's history. The negative difference amounted to approximately EUR 2.1 billion on 30 September 2002.

Fortis will present its figures over the third quarter on 22 November 2002.

(source: Fortis)

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