Euronext: European leader for IPOs and for trackers

In May 2002, trades in shares up 5.4% from May 2001 and up 1.7% year-to-date

Despite worsening economic environment, trades in equity products through Euronext’s market systems totalled 9,777,320 in May 2002, up 5.4% from May 2001 and slightly down 3.1% from the previous month. Year-to-date trades in equity products totalled 49,030,775, up 1.7% on the same period in 2001.

Share trading through Euronext NV orderbooks totalled €139 billion in May 2002, slightly down 1.9% from April 2002. Daily average trading in May 2002 was €6.3 billion.

From the beginning of the year, despite difficult market conditions Euronext is number one in continental Europe by the capital raised during IPOs on European regulated markets and by the number of IPOs. The last IPO was Melexis in May, which raised capital on Euronext Brussels.

On NextTrack, the market segment dedicated to Trackers - or exchange-traded funds – daily trading averaged €129 million in May 2002. In May, Euronext is the leading European market for trackers with a market-share of 48.6%. Trades in trackers increased by 39.5% from May 2001 and by 72.9% year-to-date. NextTrack was launched on 9 January 2001 and now counts 59 Tracker funds.

The Euronext 100 blue chip index was down 3.9% in May and the Next 150 index was down 3.8%.

As of 31 May 2002, the market capitalisation of the 1,551 companies listed on Euronext markets totalled €2,025 billion.

Warning: Euronext NV’s derivatives statistics are published under Euronext.liffe comprising the derivatives arms of Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Lisbon together with LIFFE.

Euronext.liffe traded 58.8 million contracts in May 2002, up 24% from May 2001

Euronext.liffe, the derivatives business of Euronext, traded a total of 58.8 million contracts during the month of May. Average daily volume amounted to 2.6 million contracts, which represents an underlying nominal daily value of €636 billion, confirming Euronext.liffe’s position as the world’s second largest derivatives exchange in terms of value. Total open interest stood at 116 million contracts on 31 May 2002. Euronext.liffe traded 295 million contracts in the first five months of 2002 up 28% for the same period in 2001.

The equity business saw the strongest year-to-date growth, with volume up 47% and individual equity futures and options up 81%. Short-term interest rate products grew by 13% and Commodity products grew by 16% year-to-date.

(source: Euronext Amsterdam)

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