Diminished request for offices in Ile-de-France in first quarter of 2004

In the first quarter of 2004, the placed request for offices in the French capital area Ile-de-France reached 280,800 m², which is, according to the department Study & Research of Jones Lang LaSalle, “the weakest quarterly request since 1997”.

With approx. 281,000 m² placed, the level of the placed request declines with more than 20% in comparison with the 1st quarter of 2003 and is divided by two in comparison with the 1st quarter in 2001, indicates DTZ France. The rental market in Ile-of-France has therefore strongly diminished at the beginning of this year.

The City of Paris does not even surpass the 100,000 m² placed. A positive exception is the business district (Quartier Central des Affaires), which recorded 57,700 m² placed during this first quarter. Apart from these figures (supplied by Immostat), the various players, suppliers, buyers and counselors will remain very attentive

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