Consumption up by 1.9 percent in October

According to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands domestic consumption in October 2002, corrected for price changes, was up 1.9 percent on October 2001.

The figure was positively influenced by the shopping day pattern, which was more advantageous than it had been in October 2001. When this is taken into account, the development fits the stable but modest consumption growth pattern that has been observed for two years.

Clothing especially popular
In October 2002 consumers spent 4.1 percent more on durable goods than the year before. This is the price-corrected figure. It is also the greatest volume increase in this consumption category observed for the year 2002 so far. Expenditure on clothing and textile were much higher than in the previous year (10.2 percent).

Household appliances and means of transport were also very popular in October. However, the volume of expenditure is smaller than a year ago in other commodity groups. For instance, expenditure on home furnishings was down over 9 percent on October 2001 and on household articles over 3 percent.

There was a 3.7 percent increase in the consumption of food, beverages and tobacco in October 2002.

Growth levelling off in expenditure on services
Expenditure on services, corrected for price changes, only grew by 0.2 percent in October 2002. Over the first ten months of 2002, the volume growth in expenditure on services was 0.7 percent. During this period consumers spent less in hotels, restaurants etc and on financial and business services than during the first ten months of 2001. This is the figure corrected for price changes.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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