Cofinimmo sells Brussels office building for €8m (BE)

Cofinimmo sells Brussels office building (BE)

Cofinimmo signed a private agreement regarding the sale of the Woluwe 102 office building, located in the Boulevard de la Woluwelaan in Brussels, for over €8m. The building offers more than 6,400m² of office space, approximately 1,600m² of multipurpose space and a parking facility for 200 vehicles. A large part of the building is vacant. The purchase price was not disclosed.


Jean-Pierre Hanin, Chief Executive Officer of Cofinimmo, commented: “With the sale of this building, we pursue our strategy in the office segment. It consists of improving the overall balance of the office portfolio by reducing the part invested in the decentralised area to the benefit of assets located in the Central Business District of Brussels. We maintain our momentum after the acquisition of the company holding Loi/Wet 85 in the CBD and the sale of Colonel Bourg 105 in the decentralised district of Brussels. This is already the third transaction in our office portfolio announced in as many weeks.”

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