Changes at FGH Bank

As per May 8, 2002 mr. H. Copier will relinquish his responsibilities as Managing Director of FGH Bank N.V. Mr. Copier has been with the bank since 1979. During his tenure he held various positions, the last seven years as Managing Director.

Present Management of the FGH Bank is therefore formed by mrs. M.M.A. Better and mr. P.C. Keur. Mr. Keur is the bankÂ's spokesman.

Also as per today, mr. G. Funke has joined the Borad of Directors. Mr. Funke is Director of the Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG, and responsible for international real estate financing projects.

Apart from mr. Dr. E. Eisele, Chairman, the Board of Directors is made up by Mr. Drs. L.C. Brinkman, Dr. C. Nolting and Drs. J.B.M. Streppel.

(source: FGH Bank)

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