BNP Paribas REIM Italy completes Bodio Center renovation in Milan (IT)

BNP Paribas REIM Italy completes Bodio Center renovation in Milan (IT)

BNP Paribas REIM Italy has completed the project that has allowed the regeneration of the common areas of the Bodio Center, in Milan, and the establishment in the Bodio H and La Stilo buildings of the Plena Education Group's universities and higher education schools: SPD – Polytechnic School of Design (Design), RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts (Fine Arts) and SLMC – Saint Louis College of Music (Music).


The intervention concerned the outdoor areas for a total area of 17,000m, the renovation of the entrance lobby of Bodio 3, the new welcome area of Bodio 5 as well as the renovation of Bodio H and La Stilo, the new headquarters of RUFA, SLMC and SPD. The two buildings, which cover a total area of about 5,200m2, have been subjected to a series of interventions in line with the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of University and Research (MUR).


The entire project followed a regenerative approach, capable of stimulating collective and individual well-being and reconnecting people with the city and nature. Particular attention has been given to optimising energy consumption. In fact, in all the areas subject to redevelopment, the existing lamps have been replaced with LED ones, with particular attention to the reduction of light pollution. In addition, about 100 spaces have been created for bicycles, distributed throughout the outdoor spaces, with the possibility of recharging electric models.


Luca Cerati, Senior Asset Manager of BNP Paribas REIM Italy, said: "The projects promoted by BNP Paribas REIM in recent years at the Bodio Center fully comply with the strategy of development of the center and sustainable transformation desired by the investor. The repositioning of buildings through development and conversion of the intended use, and the investment for the restyling of the common areas, have made it possible to attract new tenants and to offer all users of the center an area of integration and socialization outside their spaces. We are very satisfied with the result we have achieved and we are confident that the initiatives promoted, together with those we will launch in the coming years, will bring value to the center through the entry of new conductors and the allocation of other functions."

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