BNL Fondi Immobiliari wins EPIC 2005 Award (IT)

In the course of a gala dinner in the superb setting of Villa Miani, the EPIC Prize 2005 is awarded to Michele Cibrario, Managing Director of BNL Fondi Immobiliari. "For the innovations brought along by BNL in the sector of real estate funds in these last years, and the ability to fine-tune the fund instrument to the market needs, thus promoting the circulation of a transparent real estate product."

Fondazione Fiera Milano, represented by President Luigi Roth and the Managing Director of Sviluppo Sistema Fiere SpA, Mr. Claudio Artusi, received the EPIC Special Award 2005. "For the innovative model in planning and management of the Call for Tenders implemented for the Fiera di Milano.

On the photo: left: Roberto Benaglia, President of The Royal Bank of Scotland; second left: EPIC 2005 Price winner Michele Cibrario, Managing Director of BNL Fondi Immobiliari; and on the right Claudio Pancheri, Managing Director Risorse – RpR SpA, Chairman EPIC.

The winners of the EPIC prizes 2005 have been appointed by the EPIC Committee, composed by Andrea Amadesi, Trustee ULI Europe; Bruna Belloni Bressan, President of AICI; Claudio De Albertis, Presidente ANCE; Rupert Nabarro, Chairman of IPD; Sestilio Paletti, Presidente ASPESI, Massimo Ponzellini, Managing Director Patrimonio Dello Stato SPA; Elisabetta Spitz, Director of Agenzia Del Demanio, Gualtiero Tamburini, President of Assoimmobiliare; Lisette Van Doorn, CE INREV; Nick Van Ommen, CEO EPRA.

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