Banco Santander demands 330,54 million euros for its buildings in the centre of Madrid (ES)

Banco Santander has established 13th April as the last day to sell its historical buildings in Madrid’s downtown, around Canalejas square.

After the unsuccessful tender in which the sultan of Brunei wasn’t able to pay the whole amount of money that he committed, the company asks the same amount to the buyer: 330,5 million euros, by the 51.000 square metres.

In this second tender, Santander call hypothetical buyers to leave one million euros as a deposit, at the moment of presenting the offer. If they lose, they’ll receive their million and 3 per cent more, as an interest payment.

The winner should pay 10 per cent of the total before 30th April, and the rest of the money, before 30th July, or he would lost the deposit.

Source: Spanish Real Estate

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