Amsterdam: most expensive office market in the Netherlands

Like the two previous years, Amsterdam was the most expensive office market of the Netherlands during 2001. On average EUR 113 p/sq.m was paid for office space, compared to EUR 109 (2000) and EUR 102 (1999), according to the NVM (Dutch Brokers Association). It took on average 158 days before office space was let.

Rijnmond is the most expensive industrial location in the Netherlands. Previously this was Almere. Average rental price for industrial real estate was EUR 57 during 2001 and it took about 168 days before it was rented out.

De Kalverstraat in Amsterdam is the most expensive retail location, succeeding de Beurspassage in Rotterdam. Average rental price was EUR 148 p/sq.m. and it took 167 days before retail real estate was let.

(source: NVM ? Dutch Brokers Association)

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