World Trade Center for Copenhagen (DK)

Sjælsø Gruppen has presented plans for the establishment of a World Trade Centre in Copenhagen. Sjælsø Gruppen has acquired the rights to establish a World Trade Centre in Denmark and is in talks with Ørestadsselskabet on its location in Ørestad.

The project has been named "World Trade Centre Copenhagen".
The architect Kim Utzon has sketched the first plan for "World Trade Centre Copenhagen" which, when complete, will occupy approx. 125,000 m². It is envisaged that the World Trade Centre Copenhagen will develop over a 5 - 10 year period.

Although the plans for "World Trade Centre Copenhagen" are still on the drawing board, the aim is for the World Trade Centre to include three tower blocks (minimum 20 floors) containing a hotel, office facilities, restaurants, shops, etc.

Although there are more than 300 World Trade Centres in 100 countries around the world, a World Trade Centre in Copenhagen will be the first of its type in Denmark. Commenting on the World Trade Centre Copenhagen, Ib Henrik Rønje, CEO of Sjælsø Gruppen said:
"As Sjælsø Gruppen's ambition is to be involved in the further development of Copenhagen, we have acquired the rights to build a World Trade Centre in Denmark. As a natural consequence of globalisation and Copenhagen's role as a bridgehead to the Scandinavian and Baltic market, we believe in the opportunity of establishing a new and different real estate concept in Ørestad. A World Trade Centre will incorporate many new and unique facilities." The above underpins the activity level for 2007 and the following years. The recently announced pre-tax profit forecast of DKK 450 million for 2005 and a 2006 result on the same level, therefore, remain unchanged.

Source: Sjælsø Gruppen

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