VNO-NCW: delays in construction of road, rail and water infrastructure unacceptable

The plans to improve the national infrastructure, as laid down in the Nationaal Verkeers- en Vervoersplan (NVVP - National Traffic and Transportation Plan), should be implemented, despite the fact that Parliament has voted against the plan yesterday.

The investments in infrastructure are vital to the Dutch economic climate. Delaying even cancelling these investments may not serve political party rhetorics, according to VNO-NCW.

Even, not only the planned investments should go ahead normally,
but also additional improvements thorughout the Netherlands would require immediate extra investments. It is estimated that on top of the investments in the NVVP, an additional annual investment of EUR 1.1 mln (until 2014) is required. These investments are essential to safeguarde the NetherlandsÂ' competitive position.

(source: VNO NCW)

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