VastNed Retail changes dividend policy (NL)

VastNed retail intends to change its dividend policy to a semi-annual (interim) dividend. This means that starting from 2005 60% of the direct investment result realised in the first half of the book year will be put at the disposal of the shareholders in cash as interim dividend.

Furthermore, VastNed Retail will maintain its existing dividend policy, i.e. that annually the entire direct investment result will be paid out as dividend. As far as tax law permits, part of the final dividend will be put at the disposal of the shareholders as optional dividend. At the choice of the shareholders this part can be paid out in cash or in shares charged to the share premium reserve. Increasing the frequency of the dividend payments meets the wish of many shareholders that the direct investment result should be put at their disposal more rapidly.

The decision to change the dividend policy has been approved by the supervisory board and will be put to the general meeting of shareholders on April 5, 2005 for final approval. Assuming the approval of the abovementioned proposal by the general meeting of shareholders, the first interim dividend payment will take place on September 5, 2005.

Source: VastNed

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