Turnover volume in retail trade down

In May 2002 the turnover volume in the retail trade was 0.4% lower than in the same month last year. The latest figures by Statistics Netherlands show that shopping became 3.2% more expensive during this period. The price increase is lower than in previous months.

In January, prices were still 6% higher than the year before. The May turnover in the retail trade was 2.8% higher than in May 2001.
In total consumers spent just over 7 billion euro in the retail trade. This means an average spending of more than 1000 euro per household, of which 630 euro was spent at the non-food branches.

Lower price increases in food sector
In May the price increase in the food branches was up 2.9% on a year ago. The price increase diminished continuously between January and May. In January, prices were still up by 7.5% on January 2001.

The turnover volume in super markets and specialised food stores increased substantially in May, namely 5.6%. Turnover was 8.7% higher than in May last year. Within the food sector, it was mainly the super markets that saw a high growth rate in turnover (+10.2%).

Turnover volume of non-food sector down
The May turnover volume of non-food stores was down 3.8% on May 2001. The price increases in this branch came to 3.5%. On balance, turnover was 0.4% lower. In May a relatively strong turnover decrease was observed in clothing stores and textile supermarkets. On the other hand, there was a substantial turnover increase in consumer electronics retail outlets (+17.4%).

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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