't Sas in Breda winner of FGH Vastgoedprijs 2004 (NL)

Yesterday, the jury of the FGH Vastgoedprijs (Real Estate Award) awarded the FGH Vastgoedprijs 2004 to Bouwbedrijf Maas-Jacobs B.V. for the redevelopment of the innercity residential and shopping area ‘’t Sas’ in Breda. The project was one of the four nominees, which were previously selected out of twenty-one entries of Dutch commercial real estate projects.

The eight members of the jury of the FGH Vastgoedprijs represent leading organizations in different fields within the commercial real estate market. On July 6, 2004 the jury nominated four projects out of twenty-one entries for the FGH Vastgoedprijs 2004. Other nominees were Shopping Center Klanderij in Enschede (initiator/developer: Foruminvest & Prowinko Groep); the redevelopment project of the factory site ‘De Ommelanden’ in Groningen (initiator/developer: Brivec B.V.) and the innercity development ‘De Resident’ in The Hague (initiator/developer: MAB B.V. & Bouwfonds Property Finance B.V.). Distinguishing entrepreneurship, the extent of a healthy project economy, a well-thought out project risk, architecture and the social impact of the project were the criteria in the jury’s selection. The redevelopment project ’t Sas in Breda was selected with a big majority of votes.

According to the jury, not the large-scale but the inspiration of a project will determine the future commercial real estate projects. This is one of the reasons why the jury voted for the innercity redevelopment ’t Sas. The jury commented: “The redevelopment of the ‘Torenpassage’ into a pleasing innercity area with characteristic details bears witness to a vision and inspiration. With this redevelopment the attractiveness of the area is strongly enforced. ’t Sas gained high scores on the distinguishing entrepreneurship and the innovation that characterizes the project. The project could function as a role model for several upcoming innercity projects.”

The FGH Vastgoedprijs was established in 1989 by FGH Bank, the real estate bank. This is the 8th time that the prestigious prize is awarded. All Dutch real estate objects that have been delivered prior to the year of distribution and have a surface of at least 5,000 m² can enter the competition. New developments as well as redevelopment and renovation projects can qualify.

Source: FGH Vastgoedbank

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