Spain has largest developmental supply of retail space

The largest addition of retail space in absolute sense is to be expected in Spain. In 2004 and 2005, almost 1.9 million m² of retail space is in the pipe line in Spain. After Spain come Italy (+1.7 mln m²), Poland (+1.4 mln m²), Russia (+1.3 mln m²), United Kingdom (+1.1 mln m²) and Germany (+900,000 m²). The Netherlands are in the sixth place with a pipe line of 620,000m². This appeared from a European investigation of real estate advisor Cushman&Wakefield Healey&Baker.

Relatively spoken, the supply of retail meters will rise the most in Russia. To the existing supply of 1 mln m², 1.3 mln m² will be added over the two coming years, which is an increase of 128%. Greece will realize an increase of 112%, from 200,000 m² to 441,000 m². The new EU-member Romania, which has an actual supply of 200,000 m², foresees an increase of 94%. With a growth of 13.7%, the Netherlands are quite average. The Dutch existing supply consists of 4.6 mln m², which is good for a sixth place in the ranking list. In 2004 and 2005, 620,000 m² will be added to its actual supply. In Finland, Luxembourg and Switzerland no store meters are in the pipe line. Norway expects an addition of 20,000 m² and in Belgium, 70,000 m² will be added.

Source: PropertyNL

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