Sonae Sierra leads Euronaturas ranking (PT)

Sonae Sierra took first place in a study carried out by Euronatura, which aims at evaluating the performance of a selected number of companies from different areas of activity operating in Portugal, in terms of their ability to handle the challenge of climate changes.

This survey, called "Climate Changes and Corporate Management: Response Index", covered 31 companies, and Sonae Sierra got the best overall score, thanks to its Environmental Management Policy, which significantly addresses climate issues.

Sonae Sierra was voluntarily a part of this Euronatura study, and leads a ranking that also includes institutions such as CIMPOR, the runner-up, followed by Secil, Celbi, EDP Produção, Petrogal, Cinca, B&A, Somague, Portucel Soporcel, LIPOR and Pingo Doce.

Earlier this year, Sonae Sierra launched its first Corporate Responsibility Report, which contains detailed figures of economic, social and environmental performance, thus allowing for the evaluation of the progress made by the company through time.

As a result of the implementation of the finest practices in Sonae Sierra's environmental management, the company was a pioneer in several environmental certifications obtained during the construction stage of developments, both nationally and internationally, namely for LoureShopping (Loures), RioSul (Seixal), Serra Shopping (Covilhã), Dos Mares (Múrcia), Luz del Tajo (Toledo) and Plaza Eboli (Madrid)).

This study was developed by Euronatura – Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainable Development, an NGO that specializes in science, politics, and environmental law. It assumed that climatic responsibility is an integral part of all companies' social responsibility, not just the responsibility of companies covered by the European Commerce of Emissions Licenses.

Source: Sonae Sierra

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