Sonae; building starts this year for 3do in Dortmund and Alexanderplatz in Berlin (DE)

Sonae West Shopping AG will start this year with the building activities for the projects 3do in Dortmund and Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Ted Kupchevsky, CEO of the company, announced this. “I expect to receive the building rights for both projects in the coming one to two months”, says Kupchevsky. “By then the financing should be secured and the already far going conversations with the anchor tenants should be terminated as we are already working on the details of the contracts.”

The company was suprised to find out that Kemper’s will be the sole marketingpartner for the two projects. The company had intended from the start to have Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker as property advisor. In the mean time however C&W has largely dissolved its retail department, as it joined forces with Kemper’s in May when they acquired a 25% equity interest. Kupchevsky reacted that they would try it to see if it works.

Immobilien Zeitung

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