Socialist Party presents Deltametropool plans

Last Thursday the Socialist Party presented its plan: ‘Rubiks ruimte: Naar een andere combinatie van stad, glas en land in de Deltametropool’ (‘Rubik’s space: towards a different combination of city, glass and land in Deltametropolis’). Amongst others the plan holds proposals for a new city in the Haarlemmermeer polder.

The Netherlands faces substantial spatial problems over the next decades. The Fifth Policy Paper on Spatial Planning is too limited in its approach. Earlier the Socialist Party presented the alternative policy paper ‘Open land, Groene Steden’ (‘Open land, green cities’). Focus in this plan is the regional approach. ‘Rubik’s Space’ deals with plans which cross the individual regional boundaries and sectors. The Socialist Party envisages a new city in Haarlemmermeer offering 40,000 houses and space for a new greenhouse city close to Schiphol Airport, as such solving the problems of the horticultural trade in Westland.

(source: PvdA – Socialist Party)

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