Turkey Real Estate 2014 – 2015


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Turkey Real Estate 2014-2015 examines the state of the real estate market across Turkey. This reference book provides an overview of the latest projects, trends, research, industry players, and developments in the pipeline; as well as offering opinions and forecasts from market experts and business leaders. 

Cover - Mall of Istanbul

Thought Leaders

Members of leading real estate associations share their views and take a look at the year ahead.

- Anthony Khoi, Aerium: Investing in Turkey's long-term potential

- Hulusi Belgu, AYD: Opportunities in Turkey's shopping center sector

- Klaus Striebich, ECE: ECE Turkey - a strong player in a vibrant market

- Aziz Torun, GYODER: Assembling the real estate industry under one roof

- Michael Collini, Hilton Worldwide: Countless opportunities to delight

- Pelin Yenigun-Dilek, Longview Turkey: An assessment of the Turkish economy

- Jorn Stobbe, RICS: RICS membership - a passport to professional opportunities around the world

- Jose Falcao Mena & Maxence Liagre, Sierra Reval: A global player enters the Turkish market

- Dr. Duygu Erten, TGBC: Supporting green projects in Turkey

- Hakan Eren, VESRAM: The Turkish market - challenging yet profitable 

Industry Trends

Leading market analysts highlight the latest trends across the Turkish real estate market.

- Cushman & Wakefield: Turkey's logistics market - promising but still below expectations

- CBRE: Prospects and developments in the Turkish retail sector

- EVA Real Estate Appraisal Consultancy Company: Investment opportunities in Turkish hotels

- EY: Investment trends in Turkish real estate

- PROPIN: Opportunities in Turkey's flourishing office sector

- REIDIN: Analyzing changes in Turkey's residential market

- Sustineo Istanbul: Green buildings in Turkey: is there hope for progress? 

Greater Middle East: Special Focus

Looks at developments in the Greater Middle East region and at the benefits brought by Expo 2020 held in Dubai.

- Europe Real Estate: Expo 2020 - The real benefits for Middle East real estate

- Abdali PSC: ABDALI - A national landmark on the Jordanian real estate scene 


Includes economic overviews and outlooks, details on the commercial property investment markets, and a summary of the office, retail, logistics, and hotel sectors in Turkey's five major regions. 

Who’s Who

Contains detailed company, project and personnel information for major players in the Turkish real estate sector, including investors, developers, asset managers, end-users, and associations.

- Aerium


- Astas Holding

- Corio



- Emaar




- Turkmall 


Lists real estate companies active in Turkey in the fields of consultancy, development, finance, investment and management.


Listings of the top shopping centers and new entries on the Turkish market.

- Top 50 shopping centers

- Foreign entries/exits on the Turkish retail market

- New shopping centers in Turkey 

Pages: 160