Retail turnover volume down

In February 2002 the retail trade turnover volume was down by 1.2% on February 2001. In January the turnover volume was also lower than a year ago (-0.2%) according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands.

It was 5.1% more expensive to shop in February of this year than in February a year ago. In terms of money turnover increased by almost 4% during this period. In total consumers shopped for 5.5 billion euro, in February, an average of 813 euro per household. About 60% was spent in the non-food sector; the rest in food stores.

Lower turnover volume in food stores
In February this year the turnover volume for super markets and specialised food stores was down 1.3% in February last year. Prices went up by 6.5% during this period. In the food sector turnover in terms of money increased by slightly over 5%. Super markets, the largest group in the food sector, showed a 6.4% increase in this respect during February.

The figures by Statistics Netherlands show that consumers do more and more shopping in the super markets. In terms of money, the turnover for super markets increased by 7.4% for 2001 as a whole, whereas specialised stores such as butchers and green grocers saw a 2.8% growth rate. This development continued in February, when the specialised food stores even saw their turnover fall by 0.6%.

Volume drop in non-food sector
The non-food retail sector also had a drop in turnover when February 2001 is compared to February 2001 (-0.9%). Prices increased by an average of 4.2%, and turnover in terms of money by 3.3%. While stores in household articles were doing worse in terms of money the DIY branch saw above average growth.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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