Real estate companies to get stock listing at Euronex Amsterdam

Expansion of selection universe Aex-index

Euronext Indices B.V. announces that the groundrules of the AEX-index®, the Amsterdam Midkap index® and the Amsterdam All-Share index® will be changed.

The rule change involves an amendment of the selection universe of these indices. According to rule 1.4 investment institutions are excluded from this selection universe. Currently, the definition of the 'Investment Institutions (Supervision) Act' (Wet toezicht beleggingsinstellingen) is used to define these institutions.

In the future, this definition will no longer be based on this Act, but on the universe of the FTSE classification system instead. This classification system is published in, among others, the Dutch Daily Official List (Officiële Prijscourant).

An important practical consequence of the rule change is that companies involved in the exploitation of real estate are now eligible for inclusion in the indices of Euronext Amsterdam.

In addition, the names of the committees involved with the index governance will be changed in the groundrules to reflect the current situation.

The full text of the rule changes is included in the appendix.

In view of the three month notification period, the changes will come into effect on 20 June 2002.

(source: Euronext Amsterdam)

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